Auditing, Management & Automation for Google Workspace

Control your cloud environment as if it were on your own LAN with GAT’s powerful management and reporting capabilities!

View all user files as if they were on a single Drive and all user Emails as if they were on a single server. Remove file shares or emails with the click of a button.

A few ways we can help

Security, productivity and deep insights for your domain users’ Data!

The GAT Suite of products covers what matters the most in remote organisations.

Every single tool we offer provides its own unique insights.

Starting with GAT+ (our core tool) which gives you deeper domain understanding from data that’s otherwise overlooked — Enjoy outstanding data analysis covering all aspects of team operations and collaboration.

GAT Shield not only ensures a 360° protective shield for your domain, its rich dashboard also displays every Chrome interaction in one place.

Login Event Location

Replace your costly Stack with an All-in-One solution

  • The Only Google real-time Chrome  DLP solution
  • Highest Compliance and Auditing standards
  • Proactive User Monitoring
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Data Leakage Protection
  • Software Licence Compliance

Who is GAT for?

Google Workspace Admins

GAT’s active security measures are designed to complement Google’s, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data and users are protected, no matter where in the cloud they connect to your Google Workspace.

Create automated onboarding, offboarding and user modifying work flows that save you plenty of man hours.
Delegate your own predefined tasks to non-super Admins in HR, Audit, or specific support staff in different areas or locations.

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Millions of users managed & protected everyday using GAT's powerful auditing & security capabilities!

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