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Easily understand and manage what’s happening inside and outside your Google Domain.

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Why Organizations Love GAT Labs.

GAT Labs makes it easy to secure and manage G Suite, Chrome and any web application accessed through your G Suite account.

When combined with Google Cloud Identity it is the ONLY tool set that can give you the same level of oversight and protection for your G Suite users, no matter where they work from, as they get on the LAN behind the firewall.

With ActiveID for Chrome it provides the first truly zero-trust environment for G Suite.


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The leading Administration & Management tool in the Google Market Place.

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What is GAT Labs?

GAT delivers the most comprehensive security, reporting and management platform from your entire G Suite and extended cloud environment.

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Get the data you need

  • Understand how your Google Drive and emails are exposed, securely access or delete them, or silently change the ownership of documents.
  • ​​Get oversight of your users’ ​Chrome activity and enforce real-time data loss prevention policies to protect your data.
  • Report on user collaboration, measure performance, flag strange or unusual activities, generate statistical analyses, and record and report data for all time.



Strengthen your cloud security with advanced data analytics, reporting and rich insights to detect and respond to data breach threats immediately.

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Monitoring &

Configure risk-based policies that automatically respond to detected issues when a specified risk level has been reached.

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Security Management

Gain access or change permissions on sensitive data files and emails. Remove the need to use ‘cowboy’ tools to perform bulk security tasks.

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Business Intelligence
for Everyone

Allow managers to obtain overall team performance in terms of email activity, collaboration, calendar commitment, customer engagement, browsing habits and more.

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Protect against compromised accounts and malicious insiders with ActiveID which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to confirm the authenticity of the logged in user.

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Assign analysis, reporting and monitoring privileges to normal users without making them a Google Super Admin and grant only the amount of access that they need.

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Our goal at GAT is to engineer ground breaking software which will enhance security, protect users, expand insight and greatly increase your return on investment.

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All the audit power you need that Google does not offer in the Admin console. GAT+ is the definitive tool which gives Admins complete oversight of every file, share, email, calendar appointment, contact, Chrome device, and more on their G Suite domain. Covers areas missed by both the G Suite Admin console and Vault.

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Everything in Essential and the ability, using a secure workflow, to see file and email contents, make copies, change up access rights, bulk manage users, files, contacts, signatures and much more.

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Everything in Admin, plus 360 degree reporting of every user, including time browsing, browsing activity, realtime DLP (on all web pages) and using AI, active user verification, constantly confirming that the person at the keyboard is the person logged in.

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Everything in Secure, with all the information gathered and transformed into powerful reports for managers at all levels of the company. In particular, it offers powerful insights for managers in charge of sales teams, support teams, marketing teams and HR departments. Includes a powerful research tool that can mine all the companies data to find information on any topic or business connection

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Who is GAT for?

If you are using G Suite, you’re in the right place.

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