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Safeguard Your Data with Precision

Google Drive Management, Security & Auditing

Ensure that your sensitive data is not just stored, but meticulously managed and secured. With GAT Labs, analyze, protect, and manage your users’ MyDrive and Shared Drives effortlessly.

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Enhanced Security and Auditing for Google Drive Management

Facing challenges in managing Google Drive?

GAT Labs offers a game-changing solution. Our advanced management tools provide IT admins with unparalleled oversight over files, folders, and sharing permissions.


Gain the most comprehensive insights into Google Shared Drives like no other tool.

GAT+ is fully hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, we utilise AES (256-bit) encryption, verified by Comodo and we are SOC2 Certified to deliver unbeatable security.

At GAT Labs, your privacy is paramount. We do not store or access the content of your messages; our focus is solely on metadata management, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Gain granular visibility into permissions’ settings across all content.
  • Monitor high-risk sharing activity across users, groups and Drives (including public & ‘public via sharing links)’.
  • Identify external access to files and folders, and revoke sharing violations.
  • Create customised policies to keep your sensitive data safe.
  • Copy externally owned files and folders securely.

Trusted by Google Admins

Google Drive Management

Enhanced Capabilities for Thorough Google Drive Auditing

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Actionable Insights

  • In-depth Collaboration Insights: Delve into user interactions on Google Drive with advanced tracking of performance metrics, flagging of unusual activities, and generation of comprehensive statistical analyses.
  • Robust Google Drive Auditing with GAT+: Our GAT+ Google Drive Management section meticulously records data across all timelines, providing a thorough and detailed auditing experience.

Audit File Accessibility

  • Enhanced File Accessibility:  Gain unparalleled insights into file permissions and access within your organisation, ensuring secure and efficient management of your digital assets.
  • Streamlined Organization: Easily tag and filter files and folders, particularly in Google Drive, for a more organized, intuitive, and precise file management experience.

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Bulk Security Tasks

Streamline Google Drive Security tasks.


Alerts for suspicious events

  • Set up customized alerts for abnormal download patterns or document sharing within a 24-hour period.
  • Our Google Drive Audit tools use customizable RegEx rules for shared files, enabling immediate sharing removal actions.
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AUTOMATE and streamline

Event based Workflows

  • Automatically manage file and folder distributions for new, existing, or departing users.
  • Ideal for Google Drive Management during user onboarding and offboarding, ensuring seamless transitions across organizational units or groups.

Elevate Your Google Drive Management, Security and Auditing

Achieve unparalleled clarity on who accesses your Google Drive content. Our comprehensive suite of tools is designed for rigorous Google Drive Security and Audit processes, ensuring your data remains in the right hands.