Activity Report for your Google Workspace domain

GAT+ as a tool has the potential to create hundreds of different reports for every section of your Google Workspace environment.

By default when GAT+ is deployed an Activity Report is being generated and sent to the Super Admins.

GAT Activity Report #

The Activity Report is sent by default to all admins once per week. The recipients will receive a weekly email called GAT Activity Report.

Activity Report Data #

The report will include:

Edit Activity Report #

Admin can edit the Activity Report.

Navigate to GAT+ → Configuration → General → Reports

The Activity Report will be displayed, click on the (pen icon) under Actions to edit 

A pop-up window will be displayed.

  • Id – Default is the Activity report
  • Recipients Add or Remove the email of the users to receive this report
    • Separate by a comma (non-admin user can be set too)
  • Status – Enable or Disable the report

Enable the report #

Set the status of the report

  • Enabled – the Activity report is enabled

Disable the report #

Set the status of the report

  • Disabled – the Activity report is disabled

When ready with the changes click on the “Save” button.

Result #

Based on the selected settings, the users in the Recipients field will receive the Reports, depending on the status of Enabled or Disabled.