Copy folder from one user’s Drive to another with GAT+

In GAT+, Google Workspace Admins can copy one user’s folder to another user’s MyDrive by using the Unlock feature in GAT. To do so, the File Management operator will be in use.

Copy a folder #

To copy a folder from one user’s MyDrive to another user, apply the filter to find the desired folder under the Drive audit.

Apply filter and select folders to copy in GAT console

Under the title of the selected folder click on the little black facing down arrow, and the additional options will be shown.

Select Copy this folder, to begin the process.

Folder Copy wizard – step 1 of 2 #

Folder copy wizard, step 1 to confirm the selected files/folders and user

Optional: Select Preserve original create date and Copy trashed files if required.

When ready click Next to proceed further.

Folder copy wizard – step 2 of 2 #

Select the local user and the desired location within their MyDrive to copy the folder into.

When ready, click on Send request.

Folder copy wizard, step 2 to add the user to whome the folders need to copied

A message that the request has been sent to the Security Officer for verification will appear in the upper right corner of the GAT console.

Security office request sent message after finishing the folder copy wizard

Security Officer approval #

The Security Officer receives the notification and link to access the request from where it can be approved or denied.

Email received by security officer with the link to approve or deny

When Security Officer clicks on the link it will open the login to the GAT page and will transfer Security Officer to Copy Management tab from where the request can be verified. By clicking on the black arrow on the right-hand side of the folder details, the request can be approved or denied.

Security officers dashboard in GAT console

The whole process is logged and can be seen under Admin Log in GAT+

Admin log to review the list of all process by admins

Results #

The copied folder will appear on the selected user’s MyDrive under the Folders tab

Screenshot of the result of copied folder appearing in the second person drive

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