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What is the FINRA?


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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a self-regulatory organisation authorised by Congress to oversee broker-dealer firms and exchange markets in the United States.

 It works under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure fair and honest practices in the securities industry.

Key Things Businesses Need to Know About FINRA

  • 1. Registration Requirements: Any firm offering securities to US residents or operating on US exchanges must be registered with FINRA. 

⚠️ This includes broker-dealer firms, investment advisors, and independent contractors.

⚠️ Brokers, advisors, and certain other personnel must pass these exams to be eligible to sell securities.

  • 3. Rules and Regulations: FINRA establishes and enforces a comprehensive set of rules governing the conduct of its member firms and registered representatives.

These rules cover areas such as suitability, fair dealing, marketing communications, and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

  • 4. Examinations and Inspections: FINRA conducts regular examinations of member firms to assess their compliance with FINRA rules and regulations.

Why Should Businesses Care About FINRA Compliance?

  • ▪️ Fines and Sanctions: Non-compliance with FINRA rules can lead to significant fines, license suspensions, and even expulsion from the industry.
  • ▪️ Reputational Damage: Violations can damage a firm’s reputation and erode investor trust.
  • ▪️ Legal Risks: Non-compliance may expose firms to legal action from investors or regulators.

Taking Steps Towards FINRA Compliance

  1. Register with FINRA: Ensure your firm and all relevant personnel are properly registered.
  1. Develop Compliance Programs: Establish clear policies and procedures to ensure adherence to FINRA rules.
  1. Training and Supervision: Provide ongoing training for your employees on FINRA regulations and best practices.
  1. Maintain Accurate Records: Keep detailed records of all transactions and communications with clients.
  1. Conduct Internal Reviews: Regularly review your firm’s practices to identify and address any potential compliance issues.

FINRA Compliance with GAT Labs

Navigating the complexities of FINRA regulations can be challenging. GAT Labs provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify compliance, auditing and management for enterprises’ Google Workspace domains.

  • ✔️ Monitoring and Reporting: Continuously monitor data access and usage with scheduled reports and prevent data loss through warning systems in GAT+ and GAT Shield. Monitor all GAT end-user activities in an immutable section of the Admin Log.

Finally, businesses can achieve robust FINRA compliance by leveraging GAT Labs’ solutions. Moreover, they can minimise regulatory risks and focus on building trust with their clients.

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