The Most Popular GDPR Compliance Tech Tips for Google Admin

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Would you like to know how to use the GAT tools most effectively to comply with GDPR requirements? Make your daily work easier and save time with the most popular tech tips from our Knowledge Base.

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Review GAT Labs (General Audit Tool) on G2

Remove all Permissions to All ‘Sensitive’ Folders and their Sub-folders (in Google Drive)

From this article, a Google Admin will learn more about auditing the domain Google Drive and taking action on any of its users with GAT+ such as removing permissions to folders and sub-folders in bulk.

GAT Shield Extension – How to Deploy

This complex article explains to Google Admins the deployment steps of the GAT Shield extension. It covers installing the extension and deploying it on Managed Guest Sessions (MGS).

Google Drive Access Control List (ACL) – Enforce ‘Restricted’ to Files and Folders

When a file has been shared, the owner can allow viewers and commenters to download, print, and copy the file. Find out how to enforce ‘Restricted’ on a file or a folder which means disabling these actions.

Find Documents that Contain Sensitive Information in Google Drive

GAT+ provides an extensive and depth view of the entire domain Drive data including multiple details searches to find exactly the information needed. You can perform a File Content search for a specific query that contains sensitive terms.

Site Access Control – Beta

This complex article covers a web-filtering feature of GAT Shield called Site Access Control. It allows the Google Workspace Admins to create different rules to block the users from browsing particular websites.

Remove Access to Files and Folders Shared With a User

Removing all files and folders shared with specific users in bulk is one of the features of GAT Flow. This allows admins to manage users’ files access, onboard, offboard, and modify all the users in the domain.

Block Site Using Site Access Control

From this post, you will learn how to create rules for site access management which is one of the options available in GAT Shield. This lets Google Admins block, allow or warn users visiting different websites.

GAT for Chrome Extension – Installed Extensions Explained

This useful article provides Google Admins with definitions of different types of applications, installing methods and the access requested you need to know to install the GAT Chrome extension.

We hope you find these GDPR compliance tech tips using GAT+, GAT Shield and GAT Flow very useful.

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