The Most Popular Chromebook Management Tech Tips for Google Admins

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Review GAT Labs (General Audit Tool) on G2

Block YouTube Access and Allow only Specific URLs

Site Access Control is a web-filtering part of GAT Shield. It allows the Admins of the domain to block any page for the users. The Admin can set up a rule to block a webpage, but allow a specific URL from that page to be opened.

Streamlining Google Vault Exports with GAT Flow

This article will explain to you how to create a Google Vault export.

The action Create Google Vault export can be performed either on a one-off regular workflow (Create workflow),  Event workflow, or Recurring workflow.

How to View the Full URL of Browsing History

GAT Shield displays the full URL of the pages visited by your users. Using this feature, Google for Education Admins can check and investigate the exact video a student is watching.

How to Locate and Track Devices with GAT Shield?

From this article, you can learn more about tracking device activity and location with the GAT Shield extension. It will be much more advanced when using the Shield console than the Google Admin console.

Export your Entire Chromebook Asset Collection Directly to Asset Tiger

Using GAT+ and GAT Shield, Super Admins can export all or some Chromebook asset collection directly to Asset Tiger format which is one of the leading cloud-based asset management packages.

Prevent MP3 Files and Other File Types from Being Downloaded

This article will explain to you how using the real-time alert rules within GAT Shield you can set up a rule to prevent certain file types from being downloaded to a user’s devices while logged into your domain.

Login Control

GAT Shield allows admins to set up the Login Control rule for users of their domain to control whether users can log in to their domain or not. It works by disabling users from logging into your domain at certain times and in a certain login area.

How to Report and Remove Files Downloaded by Google Workspace Users

You can track and view user behavior while logged into your Google domain account by setting up real-time alerts. This article explains how to set up GAT Shield Alert Rules to stop and report unsafe downloads by your users.

We hope you find these Chromebook Management tech tips using GAT Shield very useful.

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