Block site using Site Access Control

GAT Shield allows browsing management for your users.

Site Access Control gives the option of the admins to create rules for Site access management.

Thus allowing admins to Block, Allow or Warn users visiting different websites.

Site Access Control #

To apply control rules navigate to Site Access Control

A new window will be displayed, select Add a Site Access category


Create a rule #

A pop-up window will be displayed, fill in the details.

  • Site category – enter a name for the category
  • Type – select Blocklist
  • Description – explain what the rule is about
  • Site list – enter the sites that you want to block
    • Manually add sites
    • From web search
  • Save – save the rule

The Site access rule will be created. This rule will be located under User-defined Site Access categories 

View the details for the created rule, the site category, description, No. of sites covered by the rule, the type who created and modified the rule.

Activate the rule #

Click on the “Arrow” to move and Activate the rule.

A new window will be displayed, fill in the details.

  • Site Access action – Block, pages to be blocked
  • Redirect – enter the rule, where the users will be redirected to when they try and open the social media sites selected
  • Warning message – leave a warning message to the affected users
  • Time restriction – select a time range during which the rule will be active
  • Scope – select what users to be affected by this rule – User/Group/Org. Unit
    • If no value is specified all domain users (where Shield is deployed) are affected
  • Save – save the rule as Active

When the rule is saved, it will be located under Active Site Access rules 

Result #

When the users (from the selected scope) try to open the selected pages (social media sites) they will be blocked.