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Set up a Google Drive DLP Alert when the Number of Downloaded Files Exceeds X

In this article, you will learn how to get alerted when users download more than X files from your Google Drive in a 24-hour window. Setting the alerts up with GAT+ will prevent data leakage in your domain.

Alert on Google Drive Shares to Specific Email Address

GAT+ Alert Rules allow Workspace Super Admin to get notified if Google Drive documents are shared outside your domain. The alert will be triggered when a file is sent to specific target emails or has specific sharing permissions.

Create DLP Alert on Externally Shared Google Docs in Drive

This post explains how to set up a Google DLP alert every time a document that contains sensitive information is shared outside your Google Workspace Domain. It’s one of the most demanded features of GAT+.

Alert Logins from Users outside your City or Country

In this article, you will learn how to set up an Alert Rule for Google Cloud workers’ (end-users) logins outside their city or country of work. This GAT+ feature helps Super Admins to identify any compromised accounts in their Google Workplace.

Alert when 2FA is disabled for any reason

Set up an alert for when Two Factor Authentication is disabled. When these alerts are triggered by end-users the recipients of the GAT+ Alert Rules get notified.

Automate Removal of Shares on Files after X Days

This article describes the GAT+ feature of automatically scheduled action on file permissions after a certain period has passed. It allows you to remove public file permissions if the file has been shared outside the organization for longer than X days.

Google Drive files that Contain Email Addresses

Using GAT+ Alert rules, Google Admins can get notified if Google Drive documents when shared outside of their domain contain text with email addresses. This is one example of using the regex feature inside of GAT+ Alert Rules.

Set up a Google DLP Alert on the Number of Drive Files Shared Externally

This is another article about alerting on the Drive file shares. Google Admin will get notified when externally shared documents are more than X files in a given time to protect the domain better from data leakage.

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