The Most Popular Users Management Tech Tips for Google Admins

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Set Up Out of Office Message for a User of Your Google Workspace Domain

GAT Flow allows admins to set up an Auto-reply message to any user of the domain. If a person has forgotten to set up an “Out of Office” message in their Gmail, a Google Workspace Admin can set up that for them.

Add additional owners to any existing Calendar

In this article, you will find out how to add and remove any additional owners to any existing Google Calendar owned by users of your domain. Thus allowing you to also add Writers, Readers, and Free/Busy readers to any calendar.

User Roles and Privileges within Google Workspace Admin Console

This post explains what are the most common Admin Console preconfigured roles (Super Admins, Groups Admin, User Managemen), what are their privileges and what is role view for each user. You can audit Roles and Privileges in GAT+.

Create Google groups in bulk via CSV

This article covers the functionality of creating Google groups in bulk via importing a CSV spreadsheet. Google Workspace Admins will learn also how to manage members in your newly created groups.

Block access to Google Meet and Hangouts Chat

One of the GAT Shield’s control features is allowing Admins to disable Hangout and Meet chat/calls for the end-users. It can be particularly useful in Education environments to disable Hangouts and Google Meet chat and calls.

Audit and Manage Third-party Applications in Google Workspace

GAT+ allows viewing all third-party applications a user has installed using their Google Workspace account and what permissions the applications require from the end-users accounts. The apps will be automatically ranked according to their “Scope risk score”.

Modify Gmail Signature to Google Workspace Users in Bulk

From this article, you will learn how to modify and change the Gmail signature of all your users within the Google Workspace domain in bulk. With GAT Flow, you can edit and set up a new Gmail signature for a group of users.

Bulk Add-Update-Remove Google User Accounts

With GAT+, a Google Workspace Admin can manage and audit all the users for the domain. The article explains in detail how to make changes to users: adding, deleting, updating them and importing data.

We hope you find these user management tech tips using GAT+, GAT Shield and GAT Flow very useful.

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