Google Workspace Admins' Most Liked Knowledge Base Articles in 2023

Discover our Google Workspace Admins’ Most Liked Articles in 2023: Explore our collection of easy-to-follow articles and tips that have empowered others to maximize their use of GAT tools.

At GAT Labs, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by Google Workspace administrators. With our tools, managing user accounts, Drive, Email, and Calendar becomes seamless. Plus, we offer robust auditing and URL filtering for Chrome devices

Set Up Out of Office Message for a User of Your Google Workspace Domain

This tech-tip article explains how to set up an Auto-reply message to any user of the domain with GAT Fow. A Google Workspace Admin can set up this auto-reply as an Out of Office message.

How to find who deleted a file in Google Drive?

In this tech tip, you’ll discover how GAT+ enables Google Workspace administrators to meticulously track and audit activities. Specifically, it focuses on the Drive audit feature where you can see who deleted a Google Drive file and when, among other key events.

GAT+ Overview

In this post, learn everything about GAT+, a powerful third-party auditing and reporting app for Google Workspace. It serves as an enhanced alternative to the Admin console’s ‘Reports’ feature and is a necessary tool for using other GAT products.

Add additional owners to any existing Calendar

Learn how to add additional owners, writers, readers, and free/busy readers to any existing calendar within your domain using GAT+ Google Calendar audit. This feature allows admins to manage calendar permissions effectively across all calendars, events, and resources on your domain.

Deploying the GAT Shield Chrome Extension

In this article, learn how to deploy the GAT Shield Chrome Extension, starting with navigation and login into the Google Admin console.

Manage Custom Attributes with GAT Flow

Learn how to manage custom attributes in Google Workspace with ‘Manage Custom Attributes with GAT Flow.’ This post covers creating, editing, and applying user-specific data for efficient administration.

Setting Up User Login Alerts in GAT+

Master the setup of User Login Alerts in GAT+ with our comprehensive guide. Learn to configure alerts for a range of login events, ensuring enhanced security and monitoring within your Google Workspace environment.

Show Event Activity on Files, Folders or Shared Drives Across Google Drive

Google Workspace Drive’s event logs, accessible via GAT+, track user interactions and changes to files and folders for 6 months. These logs are viewable in the Admin console and Drive’s activity tab by users in managerial roles or super admins.


In this article, learn how to use GAT Unlock, a high-security mechanism for Google Workspace. It ensures document access and changes need approvals from both an Administrator and a verified Security Officer.

Remove (public and public with link) permissions from Google Drive Files

In this post, discover how GAT+ Drive audit allows admins to efficiently manage and remove ‘Public’ and ‘Public with link’ permissions in Google Drive, offering options to filter and target specific shares for removal, along with scheduling reports and user notifications.

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