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Remove (Public and Public with Link) Permissions from Google Drive Files

GAT+ Drive audit allows Admins to see the big picture of the Drive, all files, and the sharing permissions they have. Removing users (permissions) from the files is one of the features GAT+ offers to a Google Workspace Admin.

Export a Tree View of all Shared Drives to Google Sheet

From this article, you can learn how to view the Folder tree of their entire domain. It includes My Drives, shared Drives and external folders. You can simply navigate down the tree and export individually for each folder.

Remove all Permissions to All ‘Sensitive’ Folders and their Sub-folders (in Google Drive)

In this post, you will find out how to audit your domain Google Drive by taking action on the Drive on any of its users and removing permissions to Folders and its sub-folders in bulk.

Identify Shared-in Google Drive Files from External Users

A shared-in file is a file where the owner is an external user from another Google Workspace domain. This external owner may have added a user from your Google Workspace domain as an Editor, Viewer, or Commenter.

How to Transfer Ownership of Google Drive Files

This article explains how to change ownership of files from one user to another of your domain with GAT+. You can also remove other permissions (all existing owners) from the file.

Find Publicly Shared Google Drive Files

As a Google Workspace Admin, you may find that users from your domain have shared Google files with the public (visible on the internet). Localize all full public and public with link files shared by your users with GAT+.

How to Find who Deleted a File in Google Drive?

From this article, you will find out how to track and see who and when a Google Drive file was deleted. You can view all the Events for the files and folders in one of the sections in the Drive audit.

[Solved] Copy or Transfer Google Shared Drive Files and Folders

In this short article, you will learn if there is a way to Copy or Transfer Google Shared Drive Files and Folders. The post also explains which are other Actions allowed and not allowed on Shared Drives by Google APIs.

We hope you find these Google Drive Management tech tips using GAT+ very useful.

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