Prevent MP3 files and other file types from being downloaded

Prevent downloads #

Using the real-time alert rules within GAT Shield an admin can set up a rule to prevent certain file types from being downloaded to a user’s device.

Prevent users from downloading different types of files while logged into your domain.

Examples: Prevent downloads on extensions and types of files such as ‘mov‘, ‘zip‘ ‘pdf‘, ‘mp3‘, mp4′.

Set up download rule #

Navigate to the “Configuration” section of GAT Shield.

Select and click on “Alert rules” from the menu on the left.

Click on the “Add a rule” button and select “File download”.


Follow up steps #

A pop-up window will be displayed to follow the steps below:

  • Name – Give the rule a meaningful name (prevent downloading of mp3 and mp4 files).
  • Active – Enable or disable the alert.
  • File extensions – enter the extension names such as mp3;mp4 – separated by ( semicolon ; )
  • File size – enter the size of the file (if file over the specified size, an alert will be triggered)
    • In our case, we leave it blank – as we block all mp3;mp4 files.
  • Cancel/delete download – Select if want to prevent downloading of those types of files – in this case, “Yes”.
  • Report file name – Send downloaded file name and mime type in the alert notification email
  • Monitor on the following sites only – add pages, where the rule will only work on.

Note: At least File extensions or File size rule has to be enabled for the rule to work

  • Site exclusions – Enter pages where the downloads are allowed and the rule will be excluded from
  • Scope – Enter what users will be affected by the rule
  • Scope exclusions – exclude users from the given scope
  • End-user action – Select any of the options available
    • Display warning message
    • Display warning message and close the browsing tab
    • Display warning message and redirect 
      • Redirect URL – enter the URL where the users will be redirected
  • Warning message – Leave a warning message to the user 
  • Alert recipients – Enter the user that will be notified when Alert triggered.

  • Screen capture – Select any of the options available
    • Do not report
    • Only send the picture as an attachment in the alert notification email 
    • Send in email add save in rule creators’ Drive
    • Send an email, save in rule creators’ Drive, and share with other alerts recipients
  • Webcam capture – Select any of the options available 
    • Webcam capture – extension have to be added via URL

Click on the “Save” button.

Result #

The rule will be saved and edited from the Alert rules.


All the “Alerts” will be sent to you via email to the recipients.

All will be available in the “Shield Alerts” section in Shield.

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