Automate removal of shares on files after X days

Automatically take action on file permissions after a certain period of time has passed. GAT+ provides this option via a Scheduled feature

Here is a common scenario: Remove public file permissions, if the file has been shared out (outside the organization) longer than X days

  • Remove public permission (Shared out) longer than X days
    • Essentially placing an expiry date on the sharing permissions.

Steps to configure these scheduled actions: #

Access to GAT+ – Drive Audit #

Navigate to GAT+ → Drive → Files → Apply custom filter

Apply filter #

Apply the following condition (search parameters): Sharing flag equals Shared Out.

Next, add a rule to specify when these files have last been accessed: Last accessed (relative) Older than X days.

Last accessed; describes when a file was last time ‘used’ by internal or external user. File could have been added to folder, created, deleted, downloaded, edited, moved, previewed, printed, removed from folder, renamed, unthrashed, thrashed, uploaded or viewed

Updated is taken directly from the file metadata in the API, “Last time this file was modified by anyone”

Enter a suitable name for the Report.

Schedule Report #

  • Click on the Scheduled check box, more options will be displayed.
  • Set Occurrence time (as an example) – every weekend
  • Check-mark to be Enabled 
  • Click on Apply & Schedule

The report will be saved and Scheduled

Access the report #

Navigate to GAT+ → Configuration → Scheduled reports 

A list of all the Scheduled reports will be displayed.

Action can be taken for each of the reports under Actions

  • Pen icon – edit the report
  • X icon  – delete the scheduled report
  • + sign – Job action edit – set up an action to be taken on the Scheduled report

Schedule action to be taken #

When the + sign is selected, a new window called Scheduled job details will be displayed.

Fill in the details and set the action to be taken.

  • Click on External
  • Select Remove Only the following External Shares 
    • Shares to Remove – enter the permission you want to remove: as an example (everyone and everyone with link)
      • Additionally – Only shared – Enter the number of days since the File was shared out

Note: Only files with the last recorded Shared out date will be affected.

  • Give time frame

Only shared 30 days ago means files that have the shares (everyone, everyone with link) that have been Shared more > than 30 days ago, only those files will be affected and Shares removed.

Under Configure

  • Status – Set to Enable or disable
  • Report only – Set report only and take NO action
  • Notify local users – Set to notify or not local users
  • Save settings – click on the button to save the settings (Scheduled job).

Overall result #

When the Report above is Scheduled and the Job is set to run weekly.

  • The report for Files Shared out – will be generated on a weekly basis (as selected above)
  • Based on the selected action, the Files that are Shared Out – longer than the 30 days selected, will be Removed