Alert when 2FA is disabled for any user in your google domain

Introduction #

GAT+ Alert Rules functionality can be configured by a Google Workspace Super Admin when these alerts are triggered by end-users the recipients of the rule get notified.

There are multiple types of Alert options:

  • Applications
  • Emails
  • Drive
  • YouTube
  • Mobile Devices
  • Users
  • User Logins

For Users – you can set up different alerts and get notified of different actions.

  • Notify on 2FA backup codes used
  • Notify on 2FA disabled
  • Notify when account not used for a period of time
  • Notify when an account is used again after x days of inactivity
  • Notify when storage exceeded

Configure an Alert Rule #

Navigate to GAT+ → Configuration → Alert Rules 

Click on the “+ sign” and a new window will be displayed, fill in the details.

  • Name – enter the name of the Alert.
  • Enabled – checkmark to enable or disable the Alert.
  • Type – Users.
  • Scope – select what users for which alert will be triggered.
  • Recipients – Add a user email or group email for Email notifications, or leave as blank ( this will show alerts only in the alerts section).
  • Select – Notify on 2FA disabled.
  • Click on the Save button to save the rule.

Result #

The rule can be viewed, edited, or removed in Alert rules

When the Alert is triggered they will be generated and displayed in Audit & Management → Alerts 

Video how-to #

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