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Managing group memberships in Google Workspace can be a daunting task, especially in dynamic organizational environments. Traditional static groups require manual updates, which are time-consuming and prone to errors.

That’s why dynamic groups are a game-changer for Google Workspace administrators. 

Let’s explore the essence of dynamic groups and how GAT Flow can enhance your experience with automated group management.

Understanding Dynamic Groups in Google Workspace

Dynamic groups in Google Workspace revolutionize how group memberships are managed. Unlike static groups that require manual updating, dynamic groups use membership queries based on employee attributes—such as job role or building location—to automate this process. For instance, a membership query could target “all users whose job role is Technical Writer in my organization,” ensuring that only the relevant individuals are included in the group.

Dynamic groups are exclusively available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity Premium accounts. Each customer is allowed up to 500 dynamic groups, with the possibility of increasing this limit upon request.

Despite their automated management, dynamic groups serve the same fundamental purposes as traditional Google Groups. They are utilized as email groups, facilitating communication with specific sets of individuals, and play a critical role in managing Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Google Workspace policies.

How can GAT Flow Enhance the Experience of Dynamic Groups?

GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups extend the functionality of Google’s offering, enabling all organizations to benefit from automated group management, regardless of their Google Workspace plan. This solution updates at least once daily, ensuring group memberships are always current.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Simple Creation Process: Setting up a Dynamic Group in GAT Flow is straightforward. Administrators can specify conditions for membership, such as organizational unit or job status, ensuring the group always includes the right members.
  • Predefined Members and Additional Settings: Beyond dynamic criteria, GAT Flow allows specifying permanent or blocked members. This level of detail ensures that essential personnel are always included in a group, and certain individuals are excluded, enhancing the security and relevance of group communications.
  • Converting Google Groups: A standout feature of GAT Flow is its ability to convert existing Google groups into dynamic ones. This seamless transition empowers administrators to upgrade their group management without losing their existing setup.

What’s the difference with Google’s Dynamic Groups?

While Google’s dynamic groups offer a solid foundation, GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups take functionality to the next level. Available across all Google Workspace plans, GAT Flow offers superior customization options. By doing so, it allows Google admins to define group memberships using a wide array of attributes and conditions. This flexibility ensures precise and efficient management of group memberships, catering to unique organizational needs.

GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups are versatile. Whether it’s automating the membership of a project team based on their roles or managing access to resources for onboarding and offboarding. GAT Flow streamlines administrative tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

To summarize, here is a quick table that will help you understand better the difference:

FeatureGAT Flow’s Dynamic GroupsGoogle’s Dynamic Groups
Customization and FlexibilityOffers a broader range of customizable conditions, including custom attributes and activity-based criteriaLimited to predefined user attributes for group membership
Update Frequency
Guarantees updates at least once daily, ideal for rapidly changing organizational environmentsMembership updates depend on periodic refresh cycles, which may not be frequent enough for some organizations
Ease of Management
Intuitive interface for creating, managing, and converting groups with ease, including bulk management featuresManaging dynamic groups can be less intuitive, with fewer options for bulk management
Access Control and Security
Supports advanced security configurations, like enforcing two-factor authentication for group membersPrimarily used for email distribution and basic access control, with limited security policy options
Support and ScalabilityDesigned to scale easily, accommodating a growing number of dynamic groups without requiring special requestsUsers need to submit a request through support channels to increase the standard limit of 500 dynamic groups


By integrating GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups into your Google Workspace environment, you unlock a new realm of possibilities. It achieves this by streamlining communication and policy enforcement, all while saving valuable time and minimizing errors. This tool is not just about maintaining up-to-date group memberships; it’s about transforming how your organization collaborates and secures its digital assets.

Don’t let manual group management slow down your operations. Embrace the future with GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups and experience a level of simplicity and effectiveness never before possible. Join the ranks of satisfied admins who have revolutionized their workspace management, and see firsthand the difference it can make in your organization.

For those ready to elevate their Google Workspace experience, exploring GAT Flow’s Dynamic Groups is the next step. 

Schedule a demo today and discover how effortless and efficient group management can be. Your journey towards optimized Google Workspace management starts here.

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