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End-of-Year Google Workspace Security Checklist: Gearing Up for a Safer 2024

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As we close another year, the importance of Google Workspace security becomes increasingly clear.

With the cybersecurity landscape evolving rapidly, it’s crucial for administrators to proactively assess and strengthen their Google Workspace security protocols.

Let’s ensure we step into 2024 securely.

1. Review User Access and Permissions:

  • Enhancing Google Workspace security begins with a thorough review of user access and permissions. Consider using Google’s access transparency logs to gain insights into actions that Google staff might have taken within your domain.
  • Periodically evaluate who has access to specific data. Ensure privilege is granted based on role requirements and not individual requests.
  • Limit the number of Super Admin roles. Instead, assign role-based access to align with the principle of least privilege.

2. Audit External Sharing:

  • Revoke access judiciously, especially when collaborations have concluded or if the access pattern appears suspicious.

3. Update Security Protocols and Training:

  • Cybersecurity isn’t static. Stay updated on Google’s latest approaches to security, such as their move towards eliminating passwords in favor of more secure authentication methods.
  • Regular training sessions on Google Workspace security can empower every team member to become a proactive defender against cyber threats.

4. Backup Essential Data:

  • Data backup is a critical component of comprehensive Google Workspace security. While Google Workspace provides recovery options, having independent backups ensures an additional layer of security.

5. Plan for 2024:

  • Assess the cybersecurity landscape to anticipate potential threats. Document and implement proactive measures specific to those forecasted challenges.
  • Encourage team brainstorming sessions. Often, the best security insights come from collaborative thinking.
  • Migrate any remaining less secure protocols, like POP and IMAP, to more secure counterparts.
  • Review and update IP Whitelists and Blacklists regularly.

6. Stay Updated:

  • Staying informed about the latest in Google Workspace security is vital. Regular visits to trusted security resources can provide valuable insights to strengthen your security posture.

7. Schedule Regular Audits for 2024:

  • Security isn’t a one-time task. Allocate dedicated times throughout the year for comprehensive security reviews. Adjust strategies based on real-time insights and evolving organizational needs

Reinforce Your 2024 Google Workspace Security Strategy with GAT Labs: 

Incorporate GAT Labs’ suite of tools to amplify and automate many of the best practices listed above:
  • GAT+: Get a deeper understanding of user behaviors. Identify external sharing patterns, understand data access trends, and spot potential vulnerabilities swiftly.
  • GAT Flow: Manage and modify user access in real-time. It’s an invaluable asset when reviewing permissions, ensuring roles align perfectly with data access.
  • GAT Shield: As the digital world moves towards multi-factor authentication and beyond-password security, GAT Shield offers an advanced in-browser 3-factor authentication. This tool enhances browser security and augments your defense mechanism.
  • GAT Unlock: A vital tool when dealing with permissions and document access. With GAT Unlock, the changing of ownership of documents or accessing certain documents without the owner’s permission requires the active input of at least two individuals in your organization. This dual-approval process ensures enhanced security, especially when dealing with sensitive or critical documents.


As 2024 approaches, the importance of solid Google Workspace security strategies cannot be overstated.

With the right planning and tools, Google admins can step into the New Year with a fortified, secure, and efficient workspace.

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