Location-Based Alerts and Access Control for Chromebooks

GAT Shield supports the use of Location maps to provide alerting and/or access control for Admins.

To configure an out-of-area access alert as an Admin go, to the GAT Shield Admin console.

Under ‘Configuration’ select ‘Alert Rules’.

From here select ‘Add Rule’ and then choose ‘Location’ from the dropdown list.

From here you can use ‘Select area’ to have GAT present you with a map to help you select your coordinates.

The map can be dragged to fit the selection area. You can also zoom in and out, the coordinate box itself may also be changed in shape.

When selecting an alert for this type of rule it is probably a good idea not to alert the end-user coming from outside the territory.

If this is the case make sure that the End-user action is set to ‘no action will be taken’.

You may however wish to take a photograph of the person in breach of the rule. (Report webcam capture)

The alert will be sent to the Admin configuring the rule.

A similar map can also be used under the ‘Login control’ configuration to set up an exclusion zone from which users will not be allowed to log into your domain.

Important: The rule will be triggered for users who log in from OUTSIDE the selected Area. #

As an example, if you select USA (any location) you will get alerts for users who log in from outside the selected Location

In this case select ‘Login control’, then select the area from which logins are allowed (inside the box) and select the other details such as Login time window.

Select Idle time from which users will be logged out after, enable or disable ‘Hard’ logout and Login Allowlist.

Click ‘Save’ to enforce the rule.