Alert Rules – Location

Overview #

GAT Shield supports the use of Location maps to provide alerting and/or access control for Admins.

The alerts can be set up in Shield.

Open Shield and click on Alert rules under configuration.

Alert rule #

Select ‘Add Rule’ and then choose ‘Location’ from the dropdown list.

A pop-up window will be displayed.

Add alert rule Location #

  • Set up a name for the Rule
  • Active – enable or disable the button
  • Location bounds – Select the location.
    • GAT will generate an alert if a Shield instance is used outside of the selected location.

When Location bounds selected a map will be displayed.

The map can be dragged to fit the selection area. You can also zoom in and out. The coordinate box itself may also be changed in shape.

Adjust the map where you want to alert to be triggered for then click on Appy.

Important: #

Alert will be generated if Shield instance is used OUTSIDE of the selected location

  • Scope  – Select what users the rule is for.
  • Scope exclusions – Select what users to be excluded from the rule


  • End-user action – Select any of the options
  • Warning message – display a message to the user – depending on the (end-user action)
  • Alert recipients – User that will be alerted
  • Screen capture – Select any of the options
  • Webcam capture – Select any of the options

When ready click on to Save the rule.

Result #

When the alert is triggered, the recipients will be notified and all alerts will be displayed in Shield alerts 

All the alerts will be displayed here and additional details can be seen.