Chrome Login Control Events in GAT Shield

GAT Shield is an extension deployed on users’ chrome browsers. It allows the Google Workspace Admins to control the login activity of the end-users and manage the users’ browsing activity while logged in Chrome browser.

Set up Login control #

To set up Login Control, navigate to Shield > Configuration > Login Control 

Set up the field as per your requirements and then click Save. 

You can choose the time window, during which the users can log in to your domain. You can also choose the Login area, IPs (from which users are allowed to Log in), and scope (who will be affected by this setting).

Login Control Events #

The result of all the activities of users reported via Login Control can now be seen by Admins in the Login Control Events tab.

To access the reports, navigate to Shield > Audit > Login Control Events

The following details of the user activity can be seen:

  • User – view the user for whom the Login Control event was triggered for
  • Created – when the Login Control event was triggered
  • Reason – the reason for the Login Control event
  • Logout mode – view if the user was logged out from all of their accounts
  • Logout session URLs – view the pages from where the user was logged out from
  • Org. Unit – the org. unit of the users
  • Usage groups – view groups where the user is a member of
  • Actions – view the details for the selected user
    • User info
    • Device info

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