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Have you already discovered the full potency of the GAT Labs Investigation Tool for Google Workspace?

Taking action based on search results, investigating file sharing and malicious emails, transferring Drive files in your Google domain… You know all of this is already at your fingertips with the Security Investigation Tool from Google. However, you love to keep learning and improving your Google admin skills, right?

Be proactive and dive deeper beyond Google’s basic features. Keep reading to discover our Investigation Tool for Google Workspace and optimize your organization’s domain management.

Welcome to the new dimension of Google Workspace audit!

Everything You Need to Streamline Your Google Domain Management


  • View All Your Google Domain Data in One Place 🗄

Imagine you’re on vacation and need to do tech shopping in a new city. You have on your list a new mouse (you forgot to pack it into your suitcase), an HDMI cable, and, as a guilty pleasure, a new videogame. 

You enter the biggest shopping mall in the city… but you quickly realize that the store has been organized in an unusual way. Instead of one huge mall with sections of products, you see many small shops and stands of multiple brands and you have to walk along all of them to find what you need…

Sounds a bit annoying, doesn’t it?

Now think about all your data stored on your organization’s domain. Sometimes finding a user or localizing a file can be a bit frustrating to find, particularly if you manage thousands of them. But don’t worry – the GAT Labs Investigation Tool for Google Workspace organizes them like a big store where you can find everything with just a few clicks.

  • Google Domain Data Use

View all the files and folders of all users on your Google domain in one place. Just take a look at the image below to make sure that this tool is very comprehensive and transparent. This way, it will take you much less time to audit Google Drive, as you can see files by their type and sharing permissions.

 Gat+ Drive



In addition, you can perform many operations on the files, such as assigning tags, adding or removing permissions on files and folders (also in bulk for multiple users!), or applying specific policies on selected files and folders.

  • Google Drive File Sharing Collaboration

Google admins consider auditing internal file shares as one of the most essential needs in their daily work. With the GAT Labs Investigation Tool for Google Workspace, this ceases to be a cumbersome challenge, allowing a very detailed view. You can audit the number of shares of any file, as well as see all Google Drive files and the groups between which they are shared.

  • Files and Folders Access Permission Management

Let’s keep talking about sharing. Externally shared files are also at the very top of admins’ concerns. With the GAT+ tool, you can easily control them by finding all files shared with any user outside the Google domain and removing permissions if needed. 

In the case of, for example, offboarding or a project which will end at a certain time, you can schedule removing Calendar access for any given user using GAT Flow.

  • Google Data Privacy Compliance

Need to comply with specific data privacy and government regulations? Ensuring employee data protection can be a complex challenge for Google admins. Instead of groping in the dark looking for the perfect solution, trust our Google Investigation Tool to perform a real-time audit.

SEE 6 Ways to Improve HR Data Privacy Compliance in Google Workspace


  • Monitor User Activity in Real-time 🧑🏼‍💻

Having experienced remote or hybrid work, we know all too well how many distractions we can face online. Even if your organization is fully back in the office, having an online connection is an easy way to get distracted, lose productivity, and waste time. 

Effectively monitoring employee activity on Google Workspace can have the same effect as a boss quickly checking who’s talking in the cafeteria over a third coffee when we were all working in the office years ago.

So how can you improve user productivity in your Google Workspace?

  • Chat Audit

Start monitoring your users’ chats in Google Hangouts. GAT Shield will show you how long a conversation lasts and the chat’s participants. To protect their privacy, it won’t include the content of the chat but it provides enough information to effectively audit conversations. On the other hand, with GAT+, Google admins can quickly check who can view conversations in a group and change this setting in bulk. 

  • Downloaded Files

Auditing your users’ downloaded files using the Google Workspace domain would not only let you monitor better their activity but also secure their devices and the entire organization. Enhance the security of Chrome browser and your domain data by reporting and removing (if necessary) files downloaded by your users. Manage domain-wide downloads in Google Workspace with this user-friendly dashboard provided by GAT Labs Investigation Tool:

GAT Shield Investigation Tool for Google Workspace


  • Installed Extensions 

Detailed reporting on extensions on each user’s Chromebook or ChromeOS devices is also within easy reach for Google admins. In GAT Shield, they can track and analyze all extensions, having access to information such as permissions required by the extension, the user who has installed it, or whether it’s enabled or not. An extensive list of filters will help audit them quickly.

  • Content Searches

This feature will enable meeting your organization’s policy on proper language in the workplace, as well as limit access to inappropriate sites. Without automation, this process would be very time-consuming or I’d say rather impossible. 

With Site Access Control, Google admins can block specific websites by default and set up automatic alert rules if any user tries to access a blacklisted site. They can take advantage of alert automation for inappropriate words a user may type in Gmail, chat, document, or anywhere on the visited page.


  • Automate & Secure Your Google Domain 🔒

Speaking of automation, I can’t miss the opportunity to tell you more about its role in making your Google domain safer.

Remember the electronic store we visited in the first paragraph? That mall, full of stands of technology brands, certainly needs a sensitive security system. It can include cameras, sensors, and alarms to protect their valuable products. Keep in mind that nowadays, instead of a lot of security staff, most of their job can be delegated to an automated alert system.

And the same you can implement in your Google Workspace.

  • Automated Workflows & Alert Rules

Scheduled workflows based on time or events will save a lot of time and effort for Google admins. In this way, they can set up many automated actions on the bulk of users. These can be run on all sites at all times based on your custom rules. Real-time Alert Rules performed in GAT Shield, give you much more control over user behavior than Google’s reporting rules.

Read more about the differences between them on our Education blog.

  • Suspicious Activity

Your security incident management wouldn’t be completed without early detection of any suspicious activity. You don’t need to pay attention to any specific email to detect phishing (although continuous user education will not go in vain!). GAT Labs Investigation Tool for Google Workspace handles this challenge, helping you to automatically find and delete phishing emails.

Want to monitor user location and suspicious city or country changes? This is possible with another alert rule for the logins of Google users.

  • Data Loss Protection Reporting

Last but not least, don’t forget DLP reports. They give you so many opportunities: from user activity monitoring, through detecting data security breaches, to quick incident response. Real-time DLP reports, generated with the GAT Investigation Tool,  will help you, Google admin, to analyze user activity and productivity, as well as the security of your domain. In addition, you can, of course, create DLP alerts to stay up-to-date and take quick action when needed.


Closing Thoughts 

Now you see, Google admin, that Investigation Tool for Google Workspace will enable you to take actions you probably only dreamed of before. So why wait any longer? 

You have probably more time during the summer season to audit your Google domain. Explore new opportunities and make good decisions to improve your daily work and secure your domain.

Want to learn more about Google Workspace audit? Check out this blog post.

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