Groups sharing audit in GAT+

Overview #

GAT+ is an Google Workspace Audit tool. It allows the Admins of the domain to have a very detailed and extensive audit of the domain.

The reporting capabilities can be simple and very complex depending on the use cases.

Groups sharing #

Group sharing is an audit of Google Drive where the Admin can audit all Google drive files and the Groups they are shared in between.

Navigate to GAT+ > Drive > Group sharing 

This will show all the files that are shared between different internal groups.

View the Owner groups and Shared to groups

Apply filter to search for specific files or owner group and shared to group

Result #

The result will show the files shared between the two selected groups.

Here the Admin can see the Group sharing files – view the title, file owner, owner groups and shared to groups.

Files group sharing report #

The Files tab also has an advanced filter called Files Shared between groups

  • Group from – enter the “sender” group
  • Groups to – enter the group who the file is shared into

Result #

As result of the above applied searches the Admin can view and audit all the files shared in between the members of the two selected groups.

Here the Admin can see the Files tab for the shared in between the groups files. View the owner, paths, viewers etc.