How to Audit Google Hangouts Chat

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With GAT Shield you can monitor who your users are chatting to on Google Hangouts Chat, you can gather information about how long the conversation lasts and see the chat participants.

Note: The chat contents themselves are not shown for security reasons.

Navigate to Shield → Audit → Chats 


You can quickly analyze whether your users are chatting with external (users) domains.

Apply filter #

Apply filter and search for:

  • Select – “Scope” equal to External 


Additional filters can be added to find more in-depth audits.

Result #

The result will show all the Chats that happen with External users from your domain.

Additionally, a filter can be applied to search for Unknown users.

  • Red background – External users
  • Yellow background – Unknown users


GAT Shield does not track the contents of conversations in Google hangouts chat, however, if these conversations are on record (that is, the participants have not enabled the ‘History Off’ feature).

The contents are recorded under the Email audit in GAT+ and the contents can be seen using Unlock feature using GAT+.

Apply a filter in “Email Content Search” and include in:chats in the query, more info can be found here 

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