Audit number of shares on any given file

GAT+ tool allows Google Workspace Admins to audit the entire domain at a very detailed level.

Drive audit allows the admin to view the details for each file of the domain, what is the file name, when it was created, updated, what type of file it is, and all the users who have or had access to the file itself.

GATLabs add a new feature for Drive Audit.

Now a Workspace Admin can filter and sort by the number of parties a document is shared with.

This helps identify the domains most exposed documents or those being most heavily viewed or edited by individuals or groups.

Apply filter #

Navigate to GAT+ → Drive → Files → Apply custom filter

A new window will be displayed.

Num of Shares #

Enter the filter options

  • Type – simple filter
  • Num shares – set the number of shares needed.

Result #

By applying the simple filter “Num shares” – Number of shares you can find what files have the most users added to them and identify the files/folders with the densest sharing.

Applying this filter will allow the Admin can figure out what files are used the most and by who

By the filter:

Num shares greater 20

Admin can view all the files that have more than 20 users accessing them.