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Will artificial intelligence take you out of your job, Google Workspace admin?

The artificial intelligence revolution is happening right now and nobody can deny it. The digital world is transforming on such a scale as when the internet was born and growing. And will change the world in the same way as the web did over the past thirty years.

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While these headers are attacking us from everywhere, you can start thinking that machine-learning-based tools will replace human intelligence soon. I would say it’s better to stay on top and learn how to use them to gain added value on the market. 

The AI tools already give us plenty of possibilities in many sectors to save time and money (although never will completely replace human creativity and common sense). 

In the future, there will be no competition between AI and humans but between those who use AI and those who do not.

Let’s look at some interesting artificial intelligence products that have already been released or will be available soon.

Artificial Intelligence for Google Workspace

Let’s start with our favourite one. Google Workspace admin, meet an artificial intelligence tool tailored especially for you.

Google already released the AI-based feature for writing in Docs and Gmail for some users in the US. Those include drafting, replying and prioritizing messages in Gmail and brainstorming, proofreading and rewriting in Google Docs.

But there will be much more to improve Google user experience this year: creating live summaries of meetings in Google Meet, generating images, sounds and video in Google Slides, generating formulas and conclusions from data in Google Sheets… Sounds incredible, right?

We’re now making it possible for Workspace users to harness the power of generative AI to create, connect, and collaborate like never before, Google says.

The new artificial intelligence writing tool, now available, helps users take the first step to begin the writing process. The assistant can also rewrite text to express the style the user needs.

Take a look at the seamless creation process Google makes possible:

Perfect Google Tools you Can Already Use

To complement the new AI-powered Google tool, try GAT tools to manage Google applications – Gmail, Google Docs and Google Meet.

1. Gmail

  • Email Labels

Looking to categorize all emails in your domain with labels? GAT Flow allows you to create a workflow to bulk-add Gmail labels to many users automatically. You can set up colourful labels for all or selected accounts.

  • Email Filters

Filtering users’ emails is another feature available in GAT Flow. With the workflow, you can create email filters for all users in bulk. On the other hand, another workflow will let you remove any filters in Gmail hassle-free.

  • User Signatures

Do you receive too many requests from your users to change their signatures? It doesn’t matter if you hear them from individual users or a department of a hundred people. Workflows will save you plenty of time in this case as well. To modify and change the Gmail signature, all you need is to choose the appropriate workflow.

2. Google Docs

Files sharing is Google’s best and riskiest feature. You need to protect sensitive data stored on the Drive in your domain. To manage them effectively, you can implement some Google Workspace admin good practices for shared documents. Finding externally owned Google Drive files, creating a Data Loss Protection alert on them, and copying them to your Google Drive are just some of the features of GAT+.

You can completely control your Google Drive file sharing. This article recently published on our blog explains how to achieve this in four steps.

3. Google Meet

All Google Meet activities of your domain in one place – weekly and monthly summary (including meeting and each user duration), product types and devices used and top 10 internal and external users. This information is available for Google admins via GAT+ in the Google Meet users’ activity report. 

If you are particularly interested in the activity of a certain user, you can easily check this in the same dashboard. There you will find the user’s email, the number of meetings assisted and organized and their duration.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence Tools

This year definitely belongs to artificial intelligence. The competition between different AI tools is speeding faster and faster. The new versions are released every day. Staying up-to-date with them for your industry will give you a big advantage.

Especially if you work in IT, digital marketing or the creative industry, you must have heard about some of these AI tools recently, which I list below. 

1. Design

  • Midjourney

The most popular AI art generator launched in the summer of 2022 has just released version 5. It improved some of the frequent errors such as the eyes and fingers of generated humans. The new version creates much more photorealistic images and understands better languages and semantics used in prompts.

  • Bing Image Creator

This AI-powered art generator is integrated into Microsoft Edge, making this browser the first and the only one with such a feature. It allows the generation of both text and visual content. Bing also creates AI-based Stories (images and short videos) and Knowledge Cards (infographics).

  • Adobe Firefly

The giant design company also entered this race by releasing a beta version AI art generator on March 21. The new toolset includes context-aware image generation based on everyday language. Adobe also plans to enable the generation of custom vectors, brushes, posters, and social posts based on text prompts or sketches.

  • Canva Text to Image

Canva, a popular free design tool, allows now users to convert text describing objects, people, surroundings, or colors in any language to an image. The Text to Image app also enables choosing image styles such as photo, drawing, painting etc.

2. Chatbots

  • ChatGPT

Is there anybody who doesn’t hear about this chatbot? The OpenAI tool is a highly capable chatbot that allows, among others, writing poems and research papers and doing professional exams. The fourth version of Chat has been available since March. For your colleagues, Google Classroom admins working at school, we recommend our blog post about how to deal with ChatGPT in education.

  • Bard

Google’s rival to ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Since 21 March it is available in US and UK for users signed in for access. The AI-based chatbot, still called an “experiment” by the product lead, can answer detailed questions and engage in conversation with the user. One of its unique features is clicking between three answers to the same question.

3. Copywriting

  • Canva Magic Write

The Text to Image app isn’t the only AI-based feature of Canva – you can also generate text inspiration to start your work with Magic Write, an AI-powered copywriting assistant in Canva Docs.

  • Conker

This useful tool, especially for educators, helps create quizzes and other assignments on a given topic. You can choose the number of questions and the school grade (knowledge level) at which you want the questions to be done.

Closing Thoughts

Artificial intelligence tools are dominating our industry with no doubt. 

But don’t be afraid, AI will not take your job, Google Workspace admin. It will be taken away by the people who will the first to learn how to use the potential of artificial intelligence. And combine it with the best – human – intelligence and existing tools which are getting better and better at automating our daily work.

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