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Google Workspace Admins’ Most Liked Blog Posts in 2022

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Google Workspace Admin, are you a lifelong learning fan? 

If so, you are in good hands. Instead of looking for learning opportunities blindly somewhere, take look at this top Google Workspace knowledge in a nutshell.

We are pleased to present the 15 Google Workspace Admins’ most liked blog posts in 2022.

Make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this list.


Top 2022 Blog Posts


1. Google Drive File Recovery: The Admin’s Ultimate 101 Guide

Become a Google Drive File Recovery PRO in minutes. This post explains to Google Workspace Admins what happened to the disappeared Google Drive files, and how to recover them (if possible).

2. Google Workspace Super Admin vs other Admin Roles: All you need to know

You will find out what are Google Workspace Admins and Google Workspace Super Admins and how many Google Workspace Super Admins you need. You will learn also about other Google Workspace Admin roles.

3. 10 Dangerous Incognito Myths: You sure It’s what you think it is? [Part 1]

Do you know that Incognito mode is one of the most misconceived Google Chrome features out there? In this post, we explain what this mode really does and what are 5 common Incognito myths.

4. Organize your Google Drive Marie Kondo Style in 5 Simple Steps

Could your cluttered Google Drive be eating up a chunk of your productivity and mental capacity? Try tidying guru Marie Kondo’s method to declutter thousands of files on your Drive following the 5 steps described in the article.

5. 3 Ways to Build the Best Google Shared Drive Structure for your Organization

Your Google Shared Drive structure is one of the first steps to a complete Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy. In this post, you can find three methods to organize your Google Drive and figure out what’s the best way for your organisation.

6. How and Why to Whitelist a Domain in Gmail?

Find step-by-step instructions on how to whitelist a domain in Gmail. Whitelisting important domains in Gmail balances out the equation of receiving too much Spam and missing out on important emails. 

7. 6 Awesome Chrome Extensions for Teams Working from Home

In the post, we share a list of 6 remote work aspects coupled with Chrome extension recommendations to support each. All of the described Chrome extensions are free, though some offer paid subscriptions for premium features.

8. The Admin’s Google Drive Management Playbook

This is an extensive Google Workspace Admin guide to make Google Drive management a whole lot simpler. It focused on 10 aspects of managing Google Drive. You will also find there a bonus part about user onboarding and offboarding in Drive.

9. Back to School Chromebook Management Tasks: The Admin’s Checklist

This blog power you through the most important Chromebook management tasks to prepare your fleet for the new school year. It contains 7 Google Workspace for Education Admin tasks which we recommend considering at the start of the year.

10. 6 Google Drive Data Loss Prevention Practices every CIO Must Know

In this article, you will find out how to set up Google Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across your domain. We share the 6 best Google Drive Data Loss prevention practices and present tools to start using them.

11. Safely Offboard Google Workspace Users Leaving your Company in 5 Steps

User offboarding is one of the most critical Admin tasks because of the Google Workspace security implications it entails. This post is for you if you’re an Admin looking to improve your work and save time on repetitive offboarding tasks.

12. Manage Google Drive File Ownership like a Security PRO

Google Drive file ownership is your first stop to Drive security. In the post, you will learn more about three ways to transfer the ownership of Google Drive files to another user. We share also 10 Google Drive security best practices.

13. 6 Ways Google Admins can Increase Gmail Security Against Phishing

56% of IT decision-makers say targeted phishing attacks are their top security threat. In this blog post, we explore 6 methods for Google Workspace Admins to increase their Gmail security against phishing emails.

14. 6 Tips to Make Google Meet Meetings More Secure

Learning how to secure virtual meetings, which are so essential nowadays, is a prerequisite in light of the security concerns shrouding online conferencing tools and cybercriminals. Our tips show you how to protect your Google Meets from your end.

15. 6 Types of Phishing Emails to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Today, poor security practices and a lack of employee phishing awareness make users more susceptible to phishing scams. In the article, we describe the 6 most common types of phishing emails and how to protect your Gmail from them.


We hope you learned a lot from our Google Workspace Admins’ most liked blog posts of last year.

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