Configuring your User Profile Settings and Preferences

Each Google Workspace Super Admin or Delegated Auditor within GAT+ can have their own user profile settings and preferences configured.

Configuring Settings #

To configure your settings, navigate to GAT+, and click on your user name at the top right corner of the side menu.

GAT+ | Configuring your User Profile Settings and Preferences 1

Within the Settings area, you will see Common, Querying, Language tabs.

Common #

  • Change Timezone (may affect time stamps on exported reports)
  • Change Date Format
  • Change Time appearance
  • Records Shown per page

Querying  #

  • General time-out settings
  • Drive audit time-out setting
  • Gmail/Email audit time-out setting

The above settings influence the waiting time for filter searches within Drive or Email sections. If time expires while waiting for a search to complete, a time-out error will be shown.

Language #

  • Change language within the GAT+ tool to English or Polish

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