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GAT Shield Alerts overview #

GAT Shield allows Google Workspace admins to create different alert rules and get notified based on the actions of users.

Alert rules are a powerful way to stay on top of your Google Workspace security.

When the alert is triggered a notification is sent to the recipient set in the rules.

On each of the alerts at the bottom, there will be options for Screen capture and Webcam capture

NOTE: The WebCam capture will ONLY work if enabled in the Google Admin Console and selected as an option in the Alert rule itself

As in this example:

Send in email, save in rule creator’s Drive and share with other alert recipients

Result when an Alert is triggered #

When the Alert is being triggered by the end-users, the Alerts are being sent via email (if option selected) and by default to Shield Alerts tab

Navigate to Shield > Audit > Shield Alerts

Alerts explorer #

In the Alerts explorer, the Admins can audit the alerts and take a few actions.

The Admin or Delegated Auditor can

  • Acknowledge page – acknowledge all the alerts on the current page
  • Acknowledge all – acknowledge all the alerts generated by the users on every page

On the right side under the Actions tab, some actions can be taken.

  • CheckmarkAcknowledge the selected Alert
  • ! mark (exclamation mark) – Update the Severity of the selected Alert
    • Low – set the severity to low
    • High – set the severity to high
  • Note icon – Show and edit Alert rule
  • Eye icon – view the Details of the Alert

The Eye icon will show all the details for the chosen Alert rule.

The Alert can be individually updated

  • Update severity
  • Acknowledge
  • Show and edit alert rule
  • Notify (GAT) about false positive alerts
  • Under the Webcam image and Screenshot, you should be able to see a preview of the document and the webcam capture
  • Selecting the links will lead to the actual pages and screen capture located in the recipient’s drive

  • Alert status – status of the alert
  • Alert severity – unknown, low, or hight
  • User – details the user such as Name and Org. Unit
  • Device – details for the device used
  • Shield extension – detail for the Shield extension

Alert as email #

The Alert rules will also be sent as Emails to the recipients.

The Admin can see the details for the Alert.

  • Alert rule
  • User
  • Page
  • Device OS
  • Public and Private IP addresses
  • Attachments
    • Webcam capture
    • Screenshot of the page where the event occurred

When any of the reports options are selected the data will be presented in the Shield alerts tab.

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