Import Students/Teachers to Virtual Classrooms in Bulk

Creating a Virtual Classrooms from Existing Emails #

Teacher Assist is designed to take virtual classrooms to the next level. In this context, the tool automatically creates virtual classrooms for teachers within Google Classroom and can also be customized to create a virtual classroom from scratch. Utilizing existing emails, admins can create a virtual class group that can be accessed by the teachers defined in the class group.

Virtual Class Groups #

Admins can create a virtual class group and assign the students and teachers in bulk using the import/export feature within Teacher Assist. Click on ‘Groups’ in the left menu and then ‘Create Group’ button that appears on the top-right.

Create a group for virtual classrooms

Once the group is created, it can be searched using the ‘group owner email’ in the search bar, all the relevant virtual class groups associated with this Owner will be shown, and can be exported to make bulk changes.

Find and Export Groups to Make Bulk Changes for Classrooms

When exported, the editable fields are shown in green,

Editing the exported sheets for classrooms

Note: it’s handy to paste a bunch of URL’s to block/allow for the classroom in the spreadsheet to prepare the environment.

Once the edits are made, the spreadsheet can be closed and imported using the import icon next to the export icon.

Import the sheet to create clasrooms

Once imported the data will take effect.

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