Audit All the Devices Used in your Domain with GAT+

We provide a new feature to report all devices used in your domain. This cloud identity audit shows a very detailed view of all devices that are used to log in to the domain.

You can do it now with GAT+ which is a Google Workspace audit tool that provides a highly detailed internal view of the entire domain.

Devices Report #

Step 1. #

Navigate to GAT+ > Audit and management > Devices (1)

Step 2. #

Find the list of all the devices reported with Cloud Identitydevices from Google (2)

Note: This might have similar data as reported in Chrome OS devices and Mobile devices audits.

Finding the list of all the devices in GAT+

Step 3. Table View #

The top table (3) will show aggregated filters.

  • Type  – shows devices by their type:
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Android
    • Linux
    • ChromeOS
    • iOS
  • Security – shows the number of devices:
    • number of not encrypted devices
    • number of no passwords set on the device
    • number of not approved devices
  • Owner – shows the owner of the devices:
    • BYOD – Bring Your Device
    • Company – Company-owned Device

Step 4. Metadata #

Click on the eye icon under Actions (1) to view all the specific device details.

The metadata will show all the users and the devices each user used to log in and access the domain.

You can view the Type of device use each user of the domain, the Operating system, if the device has a Password set up or not, if the device is Encrypted or not, the last time the device synced to the domain, and many more filters available.

Checking Device details

Step 5. Export data #

The data can be exported into Google spreadsheets or CSV files (1)

Exporting device data

Step 6. Filters #

Multiple filters can be applied to find specific users or devices and much more.

Click on the funnel icon on the right side below (1) to define specific device filters (2)

Defining devices filters

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