Monitor students and teachers Google Classroom activity

GAT Shield is an extension when deployed to the end-users it allows tracking of the user Browsing activity.

Using GAT Shield an admin can view and track the activity of the teachers and students in Google Classrooms.

Browsing tags #

An Admin can set up a tag for browsing Google Classrooms. This “tag” can then be used to filter only the browsing in Google classrooms

Navigate to GAT Shield > Configuration > Browsing tags

Select Add a tag and a pop-up window will be displayed.

  • Site URL – enter – the Google classroom page
  • Tags – enter the name of the tag you can use as a search parameter.
  • Active – enable or disable the tag using the checkmark button

Browsing activity #

Navigate to Browsing > Browsing explorer

Apply a custom filter and search for “Tags contains Classroom”

Click Apply and the result will be displayed below.

The result will show the Browsing activity for the Classroom browsing

Result #

The Admin can view

  • Site name – the name of the site the user visited
  • Site URL – full URL of the actual site the user visited
  • Time on site – how long the user was on the site
  • Started and Finished time – times for starting and finishing the browsing
  • Tags – the tags associated with the URL
  • Users – what is the user doing the browsing

Copy and paste the Site URL, open the classroom itself (if you have access to it), and check the exact classroom used by the students.

This gives you a view of the Classroom activity by your students and staff using GAT Shield

Video how-to #