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Teacher Assist for Google Classroom teachers allows them to view and monitor the screens of the students in real-time and take action on students’ browsing tabs. Now, Teacher Assist also has a YouTube control feature that allows the Super Admins of Google Workspace for Education to control students’ access to YouTube Videos. With this feature, Google admins can block specific URLs, Channels, Videos, and Keywords on YouTube if they don’t simply want to block the entire YouTube site access.

Requirement: This feature is only available for domains that have Site Access Control (BETA) version enabled in the GAT Shield.

Setup #

Note: This feature is only for the Super Admins of the domain.

Navigate to Teacher Assist > YouTube (1)

A menu will appear containing different options to set up YouTube access.

  • Base settings – this setting allows Google Workspace admins to set up and enable different YouTube settings:
    • Age Restriction – to set up an Age restriction for YouTube.
    • Restrictive Mode, block all except allowed – to allow blocking all Youtube contents except the allowed ones.
    • Prevent Override by Session, the teacher can not override global settings – When this is enabled, teachers cannot override any settings by admins.
  • Categories – In this menu, admins can select categories of Youtube content they want to allow in their schools.
  • Channel – Within this menu, admins can add specific Youtube channels that they want to block, by entering the Youtube URL or Video ID.
  • Video – Under this option, admins can enter YouTube videos or URLs that they want to allow or block.
  • Keyword – Select this option to enter the keyword(s) to block on Youtube.

Result #

All users of Teacher Assist are affected by these settings.

Students can easily access the allowed categories of Youtube videos categories. For example, if the status of the Education category wasn’t changed, i.e. it was neither blocked nor allowed, students can watch videos in this category.

Furthermore, the categories, channels, videos, or keywords that are blocked will get blocked for Teacher Assist users. For example, if the Movies Category was blocked, all the videos that fall under this category will be blocked.  

Note: Some videos may be movies but not under the ‘movies category’. Therefore these movies will be accessible by students, as they don’t fall in the blocked category.

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