How to Track Visitors and Editors of Specific Documents

First, we have to find the file we would like to check the events for. Finding the file can be as easy as opening the Drive Audit, then the “Apply Custom Filter” search option which will allow us to search using various different search parameters.

Example Case #

For our example case here:

We select a simple filter and just search for the File ID = 1gLTbLMA3-bxCoQyUJetwnQb21NY-Ljct

Events Tab #

When the result is displayed, we can view all the events that occurred to the file simply by clicking on the Events tab on the top

The result will display all events that occurred on the file:

As example:

  • View
  • Edit
  • Download
  • Change permission
  • Add to folder 
  • Etc

Events by Time, Edit, View, Download, Permission Removal, Etc. #

Under the Event, you will see the different events by time, edit, view, download, permission removal, rename, and so on.

Note: The filter is called Events for the files from selected page in Files tab. This means the result includes one page from the Files tab search we did.

We can add an additional filter to this result, to search for specific events or by a specific user.

We Can Also Set Up and Generate a Report #

For example, report to show new events associated with the file. This can be scheduled daily/weekly and managers can be notified via email. This of course can be adjusted to your needs.

The screenshot below will display the events of View, Edit, or Download of the file. The reports will be generated daily/weekly based on the date parameter we set up. Change the Type to “Filtered Files Search“, this is to include all results of the search not just one page from the Files filter

Note: If its Selected page in Files tab – will display only one page

We then add the Date and then the event types.

Click on the Scheduled to set up the Occurance time of the report, when to be generated    


Example #

In this example, a weekly report will be generated showing the events types View, Edit, or Download to this particular file.

It will run every weekend and the date will be changed automatically to show us only the new information.

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