Set Users’ Email Aliases in Bulk via Workflow with GAT Flow

GAT Flow allows a Google Workspace Admin or/and Delegated Auditor to set up users’ email aliases in bulk.

You can achieve this with a few simple steps outlined below.

Step 1. #

First, create a workflow, and navigate to Flow > Create workflow.

Next, fill in the details:

  • Name – enter a name for the workflow
  • Type – select the type of workflow you want to use (Modify in this example)
  • Next – click to proceed

Step 1. Creating a workflow

Step 2. #

In the next step, search for a user. Select a single user or multiple users’ accounts where the actions will be applied.

Search and add the users via Search for a user, group, org. unit, or classroom or import them.

Step 2. Searching for a user

Once users are selected, click on Proceed to actions.

Step 3. #

Then, to choose actions, click on the (+) button and search for the action.

Step 3. Choosing actions

Next, you will see all the options available, search and select the below action:

Adding user email alias

In the next step, create a unique email alias template:

  • select the domain
  • create a unique email alias template from the available variables
  • create a custom variable of your choice by typing into the variable field and clicking on ‘+’

Creating a unique email alias template

Once ready, Send approval request.

Step 4. #

Last, after sending, the Security Officer has to approve the request. They will receive an email that will lead them to the approval page.

Step 4. Approval request

Note: If the pre-approval option is enabled, an email is not being sent to Security Officer. The workflow creator can confirm the preapproval option to run the workflow right away. 

Pre-approved workflow confirmation

Result #

Once approved, the workflow will run.


Finally, an alternative email address (email alias) exists.

An alternative email address (email alias) created

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