How to Remove GAT Shield Extension

Introduction #

GAT Shield is made up of two parts, the GAT Shield Console and the GAT Shield extension. If your trial license expires or your paid license is discontinued, it is recommended that you remove the GAT Shield extension wherever you deployed it. 

Remove the extension #

Login to Google Admin Console as a Super Admin.

Navigate to  Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & browsers

Make sure to enable the checkbox called “Include all organizational units” to find where the GAT Shield extension is deployed. 

Now that you have identified where the GAT Shield extension is deployed, you can systematically remove it from each Org Unit. 

Clicking on the value will show you each Org Unit. 

Clicking on the Org Unit, will show you Shield extension, select it and then click the delete icon. 

Make sure to Save after each action. Repeat until Shield extension is removed from all Org Units. 

Result #

This will remove the extension from your domain

Remove WebCam extension #

If you installed the ‘GAT Shield Webcam Capture’  you can use the same method and remove the extension.

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Repeat the steps above – and remove the Extension

Note: As each Chrome device or browser reboots or restarts GAT Shield disappears.