Access Students Drives While in Session

Teacher Assist (TA)  is one of GAT Labs’ family of tools —  it allows teachers working in Google Workspace to view and monitor students’ online activity (and screens) in real-time.

Teachers can monitor students’ online activity in real-time. Additionally, teachers can view and access students’ Google Drive files.

By default, teachers will be able to see a Student’s MyDrive structure for all files and folders.

If the teacher has access to students’ files, they’ll be able to access them directly. If the file is private and the teacher does not have access to the file, they’ll be able to request access from the students’ end.

Access Student’s Google Drive #

Navigate to Teacher Assist and start the Classroom session.

In the Classroom Session, hover over the student whose Drive you want to check.

A new window will be displayed with the Drive Files of the selected Student.

The Teacher can view the Student’s Google Drive:

  • Top left icon – view the default Drive view
  • Top right
    • Search for Folder or File name – enter the name of folder or file
    • Toggle different views – change to list or table view

The Teacher can navigate thruought the MyDrive of the slected student and access to the Files where they already have access into.

Student’s Classroom Work #

Teachers can also access the “Classroom” folder.

This folder is automatically created in Students’ Drives when the teacher assigns Google Classroom works.

This includes all Classroom works assigned to the Students, such as assignments, quizzes, questionnaires, etc. as long as the Files used are part of Drive and are created via Google Classroom.

Access to Drive files #

A. Can access #

The Teacher can access the Files created via Google Classroom such as assignments – they’ll be placed under the Classroom folder (note: students can change this Folder on their Drive).

When the teacher clicks on the file they have access to, the file will be opened straight away.

B. Cannot access #

When the teacher clicks on the file they don’t have access to, the Teacher can request access to the file.

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