Take a Screenshot of a Student’s Current Browsing Activity During a Class via Teacher Assist

Teacher Assist helps the teachers using Google Workspace for Education classrooms to manage the sessions accordingly. If needed, the teacher who runs the session can take a screenshot of a student’s current browsing activity. The screenshot is being saved in Teacher Assist under the name of the classroom in question in the Dashboard for further analysis.

Step 1. #

To take a screenshot of a student’s current browsing activity, the teacher initiates the session by navigating to Classrooms (1), searching for the classroom in question (2), and clicking on ‘Start session‘ icon displayed on the right-hand-side (3) as shown below:

Step 1. Choosing a Classroom and starting a session

When the classroom is running, the teacher can take a screenshot of the active student’s browser.

Step 2. #

To be able to take a screenshot, go to the active user display window in the Teacher Assist app and click on the green box with a down arrow that displays a drop-down menu (shown below):

Step 2. Clicking on the green box to take a screenshot

Under the drop-down menu, select Screenshot to take one.

Selecting 'Screenshot' option

The screenshot is taken automatically. The message confirming it appears in the top right corner of the Teacher Assist dashboard.

Confirmation that a screenshot has been taken

Step 3. #

To review the screenshots taken during the session, navigate to the Dashboard (1), find the session in question (2) and select ‘Show screenshot List’ icon that appears next to the session log (3).

The icon only appears if any screenshots were taken during the session. In case there were no screenshots taken you can’t see the icon.

Step 3. Showing screenshots' list

When clicking on ‘Show Screenshot List‘ icon, the new window opens and the list appears.

Screenshot List Details

If there are more screenshots taken during the sessions, all are displayed and can be reviewed by clicking individually on ‘Open screenshot‘ button.

Screenshot List details for each student

Results #

Under the screenshot list, you can review all screenshots individually that were taken during the session. You can view the data of a student whose browser has been captured at the time for further analysis or to use to provide feedback to the student in question or another teacher (co-teacher).

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