Adding the title of the user’s to Gmail signatures automatically

GAT Flow allows Google workspace admins to add the title of the user automatically to their Gmail signatures as the user wants to be addressed.

Create workflow #

When Flow is launched, click on Create workflow.

Under the Workflow type, key in the name of the workflow, select the Modify option and move forward by clicking Next.

Creating Workflow in GAT Flow

Select user #

Under Search for a user select any users you need.

You can add individuals, groups, or org. units.

Adding users, groups or OU to the workflow


When users are selected click on Proceed to actions.

Actions #

To Add action or Add actions set, please select the plus button shown in the screenshot below accordingly.

Add actions or action sets for workflow

If the process hasn’t been set before, please use Add action button and create the node.

Select the action Set address me as from the displayed list.

Select set address me as option from action item menu

Once the action is selected, the way the user should be addressed can be implemented.

Add the title of the user(s) the way they want to be addressed

Once ready click on Send approval request – under the menu on the left

The workflow will be submitted for approval to the Security Officer.

Security Officer #

The Security officer will receive an email notification for approval.

Once approved, the action will be triggered and the title of the user(s) will be added to their signatures if the Address me as a variable was selected while setting the user’s signature.

More details of how to set the user’s signature can be found here: