Browsing Cookies

Cookies, more properly called HTTP cookies, are small bits of data stored as text files on a browser.Websites use those small bits of data to keep track of users and enable user-specific features. Using Shield an Admin can add Browsing Cookie to their website (domain) and child sub-domains Using cookies the server can obtain particular information about the browser:

For instance:

  • that this is not your first visit to the site
  • that you are logged in to the service and many more

Additional information regarding Cookies can be found here:

Enable Cookies #

Navigate to GAT Shield → Configuration → Browsing Cookies → Add cookie

A new menu will pop-up, fill in the details required.

  • Name – Enter the Cookie name
  • Value – Enter the Cookie value
  • Cookie domain – Select the main domain (from the drop-down menu) and pick the subdomain (optional)
  • Path – Enter Path (optional)
  • Save – Click on the button to Save the cookie


Result #

When the Cookie is saved, it will be set and assigned to the selected domain (site).

The Cookies gathered by the user’s browser are displayed in Shield → Browsing → Cookies

Click on the eye icon under Action to see additional details.


Edit Cookie #

The saved cookie can be Edited (pen icon)  or Deleted (x icon) under the Actions tab.


Cookie Audit Log #

The Audit log shows any action made by an admin on the cookies– whether they were created/modified or deleted.

Entries in the audit log are permanent.

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