Find all files shared to Gmail accounts and remove them

GAT+ is a Google Workspace audit tool. It provides the Admins with the ability to find and view all the Files in a domain.

As part of the Drive audit, the Admin can find all the files Shared to Gmail accounts and the option to remove those shares.

Find Files accessed by Gmail accounts #

Navigate to GAT+ > Drive > External domains

Apply filter and search for

  • Shared with equal

Click on Apply

Result of filter #

The result will give

  • Owner domain – the owned domain or subdomain
  • Shared
    • First share – the first time a file from the particular domain was shared with
    • Last share – the last time a file from the particular domain was shared with
  • No. of shared files – number of files shared between the domain and

In this case, select your domain (owner) and Shared with (

  • Click on the value in No. of shared files (36)

This will lead you to Drive > Files where action for removing the shares can be taken.

Remove the shares #

Select all the files from the result

Click on the File operations button > Remove permissions 

  • Select specific files and remove their shares only

The Remove permissions button will open a new window where action can be taken.

  • External – Click on the External tab
  • Click on Remove only the following External Shares button
  • In Shares to remove – enter * (wildcard for when many users at domain have been granted access)

  • Any additional shares can be removed

Scroll down and click on Remove permissions button.

Result #

As a result of this, the shares to accounts for the selected Files will be removed.

Navigate to GAT+ > Configuration > Admin Log > Permission removal/Permission change

Click on the “eye” icon under Additional information.

This will show you the details of the change done, and the removed accounts from the selected files.

  • General – will show details for the Remove permissions job
  • Changes preview – will show the details for the files and the users that were removed
  • Revert changes – will revert and restore the removed permissions

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