Alert on X Number of External Emails Received in Past 24 Hours

Get alerted on number of external emails received per day (per 24 hour period)

Open GAT+ navigate to Alert rules under the Configuration tab


Click on the sign and a new window will be displayed, fill in the details and click and Save.


Set up a Name for the rule

Set the checkmark to Enabled

Set the Type to Email

Choose the scope whom will be affected by this alert rule

  • It can be a user, group or org.unit

Pick and select the Recipient this can be a user or group email.

Select the checkmark for Alert on the number of external emails received (number of emails in a 24 hour period)

Click on save to activate the rule.

When the rule is created it can be found in the Alert rules under the configuration.

It can be viewed (eye icon), edited (pen icon)  or deleted from the (x button).