Generate PDF Report after Each Classroom Session with Teacher Assist

Teacher Assist is a tool that enables Google Classroom teachers to control and manage the Chrome browsing activity of the students in real-time. This management is possible via the Classroom session. In each session, the teacher can view the students enrolled in the specific classroom. The management happens in real-time. At the end of each classroom session, the teacher can download, send and generate a PDF report after each Classroom session. The teacher can set up it automatically.

Download or Send the Report by Email #

The teacher can download the after-classroom report manually or send a report via email. To do that, navigate to Dashboard and choose a Session Name. Next, select one of the options.

Download or Send the Report by Email

Automatically Sent Report after Each Classroom Session #

The teachers can also set up and run automated “After classroom reports”.

First, navigate to Teacher Settings tab:

  • Session settings
    • Play sound on chat message – play a sound tone when chatting with a student
    • Show “student left” message – show message when students leave the classroom session
  • Reports settings 
    • Send me a report by email after the session – set up automated emails to be sent after each classroom session ends
      • This will send an email to the teacher
      • Send a report by email after the session to others – add another email to whom the after-session report will be sent to

Automatically sent report after each classroom session

Result report #

The report will be sent automatically to the Inbox of the teacher.

An example of the report after a Classroom session

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