How to remove ‘Anyone in domain with link’ sharing on your domain

Remove files ‘anyone in domain with link’ #

How to remove the “Anyone in domain with link” sharing flag on all files in your G Suite domain

For this use-case, we can apply a simple filter.

Drive audit #

Navigate to Drive audit.

Apply custom filter and search for Sharing flag  contains “Anyone in domain with link”

Under the definition, select the Sharing flag contains “Anyone in domain with link” then click Apply.

Note: This can be done also for different Sharing permisions, such as Remove Everyone (Public), or Everyone (Public) with link, and so on.

Result #

When the results are displayed, view how many files are found ( Show stats for current filter ).


Find the permission “domain with link” in our case  (with link).

Click on the arrow beside the share and a menu with options will be displayed.

Remove shares #

Click on “Remove  (with link) as Contributor and Viewer from files in current filter”

This will remove it for all files from all users on your domain

Admin log #

The progress of the job can be tracked and checked in the Admin log, the section under Configuration on the menu on the left.

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