Auditing Google Calendars and Modify their ACL

GAT+ leverages the Google Calendar APIs to provide a range of functionality you would normally have to code to be able to use.

Within the Calendar auditing area of GAT+, you will be able to find and view all Workspace domain Google calendars.

In the Calendars tab, a Super Admin or Delegated Auditor can add and remove any additional owners to any existing calendar owned by users of your domain.

Thus allowing them to also add WritersReaders, and Free/Busy readers to any calendar.

Modifying Calendar ACL (Access Control List) #

  • “Free/Busy Reader only” – Read access to free/busy information.
  • “Reader” – Read access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with reader access, but event details will be hidden.
  • “Writer” – Read and write access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with write access, and event details will be visible.
  • “Owner” – Ownership of the calendar. This role has all of the permissions of the writer’s role with the additional ability to see and manipulate ACLs.

The ability to modify these ACL permissions is very easy with the GAT+ tool.

Note: For ownerships of Primary calendars, an Super Admin or Delegated Auditor can only add an additional owner, replacing the original account as the owner is not prohibited.

For all non-primary (Secondary) calendars the original owner can be completely replaced.

Outcome #

An email notification will be sent.

The user who is added as an additional Owner, Writer, or Reader will receive an email with a description and a link to open their calendar to view the changes.

The calendar will be visible under the heading ‘My calendars’.

The newly added user will have access to Manage events and sharing settings for the Google Calendar.

All additional owners will have full control over the original owner’s calendar.

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