Alert on Non Synchronizing and Idle Mobile Devices

Introduction #

Using the Alert Rule mechanism provided in GAT+, Super Admins or Delegated Auditors can alert on violations detected on corporate enrolled mobile devices.

Alerts when #
  • A mobile device hasn’t been syncing for X number of days.
  • A mobile device has been idle for X number of days.

Configure Alert Rule #

Open GAT+ navigate to Alert rules under the Configuration tab.

Click on the sign button and a new window will be displayed, fill in the details, and click on the save.

Set the Type to Mobile Device.

Choose the scope who will be affected by this alert rule

  • It can be a User, Group, or Org. Unit

Pick and select the Recipient it can be a local user from the domain.

In Alerts menu of GAT+ #

All the Alerts can be seen under Audit and management in GAT+

When the rule is created it can be found in the Alert rules under Configuration

An admin can quickly see the name of the rule, the type of the rule if it is enabled, what scope, and the recipients.

Under the summary tab, an admin can see exactly the alerts enabled for this rule. Under the actions tab, the rule can be viewed (eye icon), it can be edited from the pen icon or deleted from the button.



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