Google Classroom Insights

Introduction #

Classroom Insights displays Google Classroom metadata in a friendly UI (User Interface). A Delegated Auditor (School Principle or School Manager) or a Super Admin can very quickly report on any Google Classroom and see how that Classroom is performing compared to others.

To access it, go to GAT+ and click under Classroom Insights.

You will be directed to the first of two tabs;

Classes Tab #

In the Classes tab, you can view all the existing Classrooms across your domain. These will be displayed in a card view showing the classroom details such as name, state, and the number of users (teacher and students).

Classes State #

Easily identify the State of any given Classroom these states can be:

  • Active
  • Declined
  • Archived
  • Provisioned
  • Unspecified

Classes Information #

You can also see at a glance:

  • Created date
  • Number of Teachers
  • Number of Students
  • Assignments for the Class

Filters #

Use the funnel icon to filter by:

  • State
  • Class name
  • ClassID
  • Teacher(s)
  • Students(s)

By clicking on the top area or each class you will be directed to the second tab Class Info

Class Information #

This will present a very granular view of the class you’ve selected.

You can view the People, Classwork, Grades, and Browsing activity of the users in the Classroom.

People #

The People tab will display the Teachers and Students along with the number of assignments for the specific class.

Classwork #

Select Classwork to view all the classwork in the selected classroom.

View the Due date, Average grade, and description of the Classworks.

Grades #

In Grades see the grades for each student and the class average on each classwork

Browsing Activity – Requires SHIELD extension #

Browsing history requires GAT Shield, this area will present the browsing activity of the students and teacher for any selected day – up to 60 days back.

Student Submission Summary #

In the Student Sumibssion summary, you can see

  • Students – list of all students in the domain
  • Student OU – where they located
  • Classroom  – the specific classroom and the classwork done for it
  • Classworks – will show the details for the classwork, in percentages
    • Assigned
    • Submitted
    • Submitted on time
    • Submitted late
    • Not submitted
    • Submitted only
    • Overall

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