Report on Non-Updated Google Sites in any given time

Google Sites Audit and Management #

With GAT+ you can automatically update Google Site users if they are not updated in 90 days.

Audit Google Sites #

In GAT+ under the Drive Audit section (1) under the Files Tab (2), you can see all Google Sites in the domain by clicking on the one-click table at the top right under “Sites” (3)

Navigate to GAT+ > Drive > Files

The screen below shows the filter being applied given that the funnel icon activates and turns colour blue (1)


Schedule weekly report #

When you click  the blue funnel icon, you will see the filter applied and you can add a rule to identify any updated file in any given time, in the example below you can see the filter will return files older than 90 days (3)

Definition AND

+ Add rule

  • Type>equal>Site
  • Updated (relative)> older than X days> ( 90 )

  • Scheduled (4) – set up as scheduled report
  • Occurrence – select when the report to run
  • Enabled (1) – Make sure the box is checked (✅)

  • Click Apply and schedule to run the report.

Scheduled Report Results #

This will show all Google Sites and if they were NOT updated in the last 90 days (OR older than 90 days).

NOTE: When the report is generated it “will go 90 days back“, and every weekend (the report) will move forward, so again for the last 90 days – from this week and onwards.

Editing Scheduled Report #

On the report then you can take further action and auto-send email to the users that the site is not being updated for example etc.

Navigate to GAT+ Configuration (1)> Scheduled report(2) > Find the ‘Site’ report > Job Action Edit (under Actions) (3)> Configure (4)>Save Settings (5)

In the ‘Configure’ section, fill in the details:

  • Status – Enabled
  • Report only – report only without taking the actions above – IMPORTANT
  • Notify local users – owners
    • Email Subject
    • Email Message

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