Add and Update Google Classroom Guardians in Bulk

With GAT+ admin can update all Google Classroom Guardians to the students in bulk.

This can be achieved using Export – extract a list of students and Import – adding students back to Google Workspace (using GAT+)  with updated Guardians

Start #

Open GAT+ and then click on the Classroom audit.

From the menu on the top select the Students tab

Note: To get the freshest data click on the play button to run extras scan for Classwork, Classwork submissions and Guardians.

Filter #

Apply filter to find all students, whose Guardians have to be added, replaced, or removed.


As an example search

  • Click on the “apply custom filter” button
  • Select Guardians = is empty
  • Click on Apply 

This will give us a list of all students that have no Guardians added to their accounts. Alternatively, find accounts that have Guardians that need to be updated or removed.

When you find the Students you want to update, export the data.

Export #

When the result is displayed Export the data into Google Spreadsheet or CSV


Add Guardians #

Add new, update existing, and remove guardians in the spreadsheet/CSV document


The Guardians field will be green colored, the data on this field can be changed.

  • Add – add a guardian to the student.
  • Replace –  existing guardian, removing the old one, and adding new on its place.
  • Remove – remove an existing guardian.
  • Multiple -add two or more guardians to one student, separated by a comma.

When done with changes, close the spreadsheet this will “auto-save” the changes.

Import #

Click on the import button select the last spreadsheet and click on the check-mark button.

Click on the “eye” icon to open the spreadsheet again.

A new window will be displayed, view the changes that will happen.

Guardians before (none)  and after (email addresses)


Click on Accept to import the changes.

Note: The guardian emails can be any email address

The Guardians will be shown for each of the Students. The Status for each of them will be pending, when accepted (pending message will disappear).


Result #

The Guardians (email ) will receive an email notification from Google Classroom.

Note: The email will be sent from the “randomly” selected admin of the domain. If admin who requests this job is Dave, the Guardian invitation email could be “sent” by Joe who is also the admin of this domain.


When the Guardian invitation is accepted, the changes will be reflected in the GAT+ Classroom audit, as a new scan will be automatically requested.

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