Create Alerts for Inactive Devices

GAT Shield: Inactive Devices #

GAT Shield is a Chrome extension allowing the Admins to view and audit inactive devices of the users within the organization.

Alert rules #

The Alert rules within Shield give the Admins the power to create multiple different alerts for different types of user behavior.

Create an alert for inactive devices #

Navigate to Shield > Configuration > Alert rules > Add from a template > Inactive device 

Creating Alert rules for inactive devices

When this is selected a pop-up message will be displayed.

Fill in the details required for the Inactive Device alert.

  • Name – by default will be Inactive device
  • Active – enable or disable the rule
  • Scope – select the users who will be affected by this rule
  • Trigger after – enter the days after which the alert will be triggered.
    • 30 daysAlert will be triggered if the device of the user has not been active for more than 30 days
      • Additionally – add more days for the second or third alert
        • Example: Trigger after 30 days, then after 60 days, etc.
  • Notification Webhook – can be used as a Google chat webhook – instead of an email sent to the recipient. Please check this for more details
  • Save – click to save the rule

fill in different fields in the alert rule window

Result #

The alert will be set and triggered after a device has not been used for more than the selected time.

Trigger after 30 days, 60 days, etc.

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