Workflow Template to Automate Teacher Offboarding in GAT Flow

GAT Flow offers several automation under the Workflow templates module within the dashboard to assist a Google Workspace Administrator for educational domains. An Admin can also use the Teacher Offboarding template containing suggested action sets to offboard teacher(s). The template can be utilized, edited, and saved for future use.

To do so, navigate to GAT Flow -> Workflow template -> Offboarding -> Teacher offboarding:

When the template is selected, the suggested action set can be previewed before using it. This template is just a proposal of the actions that can be editable later for a better fit.

Set of actions #

This offboarding template contains the set of actions outlined below:

  • Change Classrooms owner
  • Remove teacher(s) from all Classrooms
  • Delete users from groups
  • Migrate emails
  • Revoke apps tokens
  • Google application data transfer

Use workflow template #

An Admin can use the template in following two ways:

  1. Use template as Action set – allows to configure and save the set of actions;

An admin can edit the suggested template by applying some changes, adding or removing some actions, and saving them for future usage. The saved action set that has been modified accordingly to the organizational needs can be reused anytime when the next user(s) is offboarded and it will streamline the process of setting up the workflow.

The saved workflow can be found under the Saved action sets module in the Flow dashboard.

  • Use template as Workflow – leads to the Create workflow module and allows the creation of a one-time workflow;

A workflow creator needs to select the user that is being offboarded and that will be affected by the workflow created; review and configure the suggested set of actions (actions can be modified by adding or removing them if needed).

When all is set up, Send approval request.

Security Officer approval #

When the set of actions is configured accordingly, the workflow can be sent to the Security Officer for verification.

Once the Security Officer approves it, the workflow will run.

Results #

A final result of an offboarding process is the removal of the user. Selected accounts will be deleted. All emails and files once removed can be restored within 20 days using the Google Workspace Admin Console otherwise they will be gone forever.

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